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2013 Cloud Business Summit: Business Innovation is Center-stage

What is Happening?

On September 25th 2013, Saugatuck hosted its third annual Cloud Business Summit in New York. As with previous Summits, more than 100 C-level IT, Finance and business leaders from large enterprises listened, participated, and shared insights, knowledge, experience and best practices in using Cloud (and its associated technologies) to help innovate and improve business.

Earlier today, Saugatuck released a new 38-page research report for Summit participants and sponsors that summarizes not only the sessions and presentations, but provides key insights developed in the interactive sessions, along with best practices in strategizing and managing Cloud IT and business. This Research Alert highlights some of the key insights and findings from the report. Saugatuck’s premium subscription research clients can download the full research report here.

A key takeaway from this year’s Summit for C-level leaders developing and managing Cloud business strategies is that new era of business innovation is underway, enabled and supported by Cloud, and also by its key sister technologies of Mobility, Social IT, Analytics, and sensor-driven data flows. Recent research Saugatuck has conducted indicates that more than two-thirds of large-enterprise CIOs and senior business executives believe that Cloud is a key driver of business innovation – especially around Customer- and Process-oriented Innovations (although Cloud and related technologies is also having a very high impact on Product/ Service and Business Model-driven innovations as well). Continue reading

Research Alert: 2013 Cloud Data Report: Business is Booming – More Than You Thought

What is Happening?

The latest Saugatuck research report indicates that, while rates of Cloud adoption may be slowing in some markets, the volume continues to increase in all markets. But what we’re seeing now, and have seen in recent years, pales when compared to the growth that is about to hit IT markets over the coming 24 months.

What drove the early phases of Cloud interest and adoption was a combination of affordability, ease of implementation, ease of use, and rapid time to business benefits. We could acquire a usage license, get the app or instance up and running, and start using it to enable, execute, or manage business very quickly compared to traditional alternatives.

Over the past few years, these adoption drivers have Continue reading

Saugatuck’s Beacon Awards: IT and Business Innovation in a State of Change

What is Happening?

What makes Cloud IT and Business work to competitive advantage is innovation – innovation in how and where these technologies and services are used to enable new and better ways of doing business, and to enable entirely new businesses.

Innovation, however, can be very difficult to define, and even more difficult to take advantage of, especially in an IT and Business environment that is constantly changing at an accelerating pace. The ability to identify, isolate, and then address specific technological and business improvement opportunities and needs becomes more challenging when the sheer pace and volume of change makes it difficult to see and understand what is happening and what is possible (1044MKT, Defining “Cloud Speed” and its Impact on IT and Business, 23Mar2012; and 892RA, Switched-on: Cloud IT is Now About Business Velocity, 25May2011). Indeed, to paraphrase more than one participant at Saugatuck’s 2012 Cloud Business Summit, “What we think we know about Cloud is probably what was true 6 or 12 months ago. That’s already old.” Continue reading

New Saugatuck Report on Managing Risk / Reward in the Boundary-free Enterprise™

What is Happening?

Right now, IT markets, buyers, users and providers are in the midst of one of the most significant transformations in their history, the emergence of the Boundary-free Enterprise™. Cloud business and technology solutions – including platforms for Collaboration, Mobile, Social and Analytics – are completely and fundamentally changing what IT is acquired, what it costs, how it is acquired, how it is used, and by whom. Yet traditional assessment and evaluation models still focus on comparing and positioning providers and their solutions without specifically the context into which they will be placed and the environments in which they have to deliver value. In fact, these traditional models completely ignore the potential for Risk and Reward that buyers will have to manage in acquiring and implementing and using these solutions. Continue reading

Everything Changes At Once, and Does It Twice

The shift away from 19th-century business organizations and 20th century IT is a shift toward boundary-free enterprises that requires significant change, fundamental change, in IT and business architectures and models. As we move from the pre-Cloud era into and through a relatively short transitory period that emphasizes a blending, hybridized IT environment, we have to consider the massive impact this shift has and will have on enterprise IT organizations. It will change the mission, roles, and goals of IT organizations not only as they transition now, but again in a few years as they shift toward even more, new, Cloud IT.

IT organizations will be challenged by the need for Cloud speed versus the need to avoid the stumbles that come with an accelerated approach. Starting with a comprehensive vision of enterprise Cloud use is key to achieving this balance, and to enabling the scale of guidance that business orgs and users will require to understand what they have, how to use it, and how to work with IT to achieve that. Continue reading

Trip Reports: SAP, IBM, and ServiceNow Events Show Shifting Criticality of Cloud from Why

What is Happening?

This week, Saugatuck research executives found themselves participating in three, simultaneous industry events shaping the world of Cloud IT and business. CEO Bill McNee and SVP Bruce Guptill sat down with key executives (including C-level meetings) at SAP Sapphire in Orlando; VP Mike West met with company leaders and users at ServiceNow’s Knowledge12 conference in New Orleans; and VP Charlie Burns took part in IBM’s invitation-only Cloud Innovation Forum in Chicago. It’s been a Cloudy week for Saugatuck, in other words.

The net takeaway from all three events, including dozens of discussions with provider and customer leaders, is thatthe religious wars and mystery about what Cloud is all about is clearly gone. The critical questions for providers and user enterprises have shifted from “What is it” and “Why should we?” to “When should we?” to “How do we?” Continue reading