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Infosys’ New CFO – A Sign of Necessary IT Services Provider Change

Earlier this week, Bangalore-based software and services provider Infosys Ltd. named a new CFO – something that Saugatuck sees as a sign of change not only in Infosys’ leadership, but also as regards the ITO / outsourcing services industry.

Infosys announced that Rajiv Bansal is resigning as chief financial officer, with M.D. Ranganath promoted to CFO as of the close of business on Monday 12 Oct. 2015. Bansal had been CFO for three years. 15-year company veteran Ranganath has most recently been EVP and Head of Strategic Operations, responsible for strategic planning, risk management, mergers and acquisitions and corporate marketing.

Saugatuck sees this action by Infosys in two ways. First, it is a senior management shakeup influenced, if not directed, by disruptive new CEO Vishal Sikka; and second, it is a reflection of how changing market realities are driving strategic business and management changes in what IT services providers are, and how they are organized and managed.

Why is this happening? Infosys has a new CEO (the first not promoted to the position from within the company) with different insights and points of view, and a willingness to push a change-based agenda through a traditional IT business. Sikka shook up the organization, strategy, core technologies and offering portfolio at SAP (where he previously was on the Executive Board, and led product development) to make it more competitive Continue reading Infosys’ New CFO – A Sign of Necessary IT Services Provider Change

IBM, MSFT, GE – Reinventing for Digital Business Realities

What is Happening?          

IBM, GE and Microsoft: Three very established firms with very traditional business models, customer bases, and revenue streams. All three have faced weighty, accumulative challenges to their core markets, original business models, and value propositions, resulting in substantial share price devaluation and negative effects on revenue and profitability, as well as unrest among partners and customers, leading to many defections and strained relationships.

But if there are to be “poster children” for the rethinking and re-invention of 20th-century business for the 21st century of boundary-free Digital Business, these would be great candidates.

GE has brought us the “industrial internet,” one of the most lucid visions of the IoT, translating the value and opportunity of Digital Business into some of the most traditional marketplaces, including industrial manufacturing, machining, and supply chain management.

IBM this week announced their massive “Cognitive Business” positioning, leveraging existing consulting, Cloud, software, and hardware portfolios with the Watson cognitive computing/analytical engine(s), ironically to help enterprise customers understand how to alter their own businesses in the face of changing markets.

And Microsoft has reinvented its core Windows strategy (and offerings) while shifting to Cloud-based delivery and revenue streams for its critical desktop business apps – and expanding a nascent computing / communications hardware presence (including signing up traditional PC partners Dell and HP as sales outlets) to help expand both of these.

What Saugatuck sees in all three of these cases is massive, long-established, and very threatened 20th-century technology firms and industrial conglomerates are rethinking and re-inventing themselves in a remarkable manner, and in a remarkably short amount of time. Whether or not they will be successful is still an open question. Continue reading IBM, MSFT, GE – Reinventing for Digital Business Realities

IBM’s Bernie Meyerson Set to Keynote 2015 Cloud Business Summit NYC

We’re pleased to announce that Bernie Meyerson, VP and Chief Innovation Officer at IBM will deliver the opening keynote at Saugatuck Technnology’s upcoming 2015 Cloud Business Summit, taking place on November 4th at the Yale Club of NYC.

In a presentation entitled “Information Technology: A Tectonic Shift,” Meyerson will explore what’s next after Moore’s Law – as the advent of new forms of parallelism become a leading framework defining IT over the planning horizon.

Since the invention of the first solid-state computers, IT has relished in consistent, predictable advances in performance that were quite easy to assimilate – as the number of transistors on a circuit chip would doBernard Meyerson Picuble approximately every two years. Fortunately for the IT industry, increasing circuit density yielded increasing performance while reducing costs ranging from device manufacturing to electrical power consumption. Such performance increases were easy to exploit . . . and addictive. Unfortunately, as circuits have now approached the dimensions of only a few atoms, the end of increasing circuit density is near. In essence, Moore’s Law has been repealed. Meanwhile, technology advances such as predictive analytics, big data, and mobility (among others) have only continued to drive the need for IT capacity at an accelerating pace.

The consequence is that designers of IT application and infrastructure architectures will have to turn in a new, more challenging direction. As Meyerson will share, one likely scenario is Continue reading IBM’s Bernie Meyerson Set to Keynote 2015 Cloud Business Summit NYC

Entering The Digital Business Era: Takeaways From the Cloud Business Summit

What is Happening?

Earlier today, Saugatuck published its executive leadership report summarizing the key takeaways from its recent 2014 Cloud Business Summit, held in New York City on Nov. 12. As detailed in a previous Research Alert (entitled “Trip Report: Key Highlights from 2014 Cloud Business Summit”), more than 100 large enterprise CIOs / CTOs, CFOs and CMOs participated in the day-long, peer-level forum.

In this Research Alert, we highlight some of the key insights and best practice takeways from the report to help these executives develop, refine, and optimize new and better ways of doing business in the Cloud-first, Digital Business era. The 42-page report, entitled “2014 Cloud Business Summit Leadership Report: The Digital Business Era” is available via Saugatuck’s web site. Current subscription research clients may access the report by clicking here.

Sessions and discussions during the Summit centered on ways that Cloud and its related capabilities (e.g., Mobility, Social IT, Advanced Analytics/Big Data) are enabling significant innovation and improvement in how business is created, accomplished, and managed, as well as how these capabilities and innovations are secured and governed.

The bottom line? Rethinking and reinventing business and IT strategy, operations, management, engagement, and investment to enable digital business strategies has never been more advantageous to the enterprise – but it’s only a matter of time before that advantage turns to necessity. Continue reading Entering The Digital Business Era: Takeaways From the Cloud Business Summit

Who’s Innovating? Tell Us Today!

On November 12 2014, Saugatuck Technology Inc. will recognize leading-edge firms that have developed, and profited from, innovative adaptations and applications of Cloud, mobile, social, and advanced analytics.

The 3rd annual Beacon Awards for business innovation are an integral aspect of Saugatuck’s annual Cloud Business Summit. Each year, we identify and recognize select firms that have developed creative and innovative means of adapting and applying digital business technologies to improve existing operations, enable new ways of doing business, or create entirely new businesses. The typical gains include current and future monetary savings, improvements in company organization and management, and creation or enablement of opportunities that would otherwise have been impossible – or even unimagined.

We know that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of firms trying and applying these technologies to enable and create competitive advantage. If your firm is one, or if you know of any firm making such efforts, let us know so that we can recognize them with the 2014 Beacon Awards.

Now through September 30, 2014, you can nominate your firm, your customers, or your partners. Click HERE for more information and for details on how to submit a nomination.

Nominations must be submitted via email to Saugatuck at Chris.MacGregor@SaugatuckTechnology.com, and should include the following information:

  • Nominated Company: Please provide the name of the company and executive being nominated, along with their full contact information (including phone and email).
  • Submitted By: Please provide the name of the person and company who is submitting the nomination, along with their full contact information (including phone and email).
  • Nomination Submission: In 500 words or less, please provide a summary description of the nominated company’s digital business efforts and results for the Beacon Award committee to consider. If you have supporting evidence that you would like the committee to review, such as a case study, or a video, please attach or provide links.

Continue reading Who’s Innovating? Tell Us Today!

Call for More Nominations: Saugatuck’s Beacon Awards for Business Innovation

What firms do you know that have innovated, improved themselves, and profited from Digital Business initiatives? Tell us about them, so we can tell the world about them through the 2014 Beacon Awards for business innovation.

Every year, the Beacon Awards recognize user enterprises that have re-thought, re-invented, or built new businesses, created new opportunities, or reshaped the future of their company, their markets, and their customer/partner ecosystems through the innovative use of Cloud and other digital technologies.

Past winners have implemented creative mobility strategies that improve customer engagement, cultivated new software development approaches that improve business operations, and developed software+services that productize internal operations into industry-beneficial solutions.

Now through September 30, 2014, you can nominate your firm, your customers, or your partners. Click HERE for more information and for details on how to submit a nomination.

Nominations must be submitted via email to Continue reading Call for More Nominations: Saugatuck’s Beacon Awards for Business Innovation

Call for Nominations: Saugatuck’s Beacon Awards for Business Innovation

The rapid global expansion and integration of Cloud for business advantage has helped to catalyze a global shift toward Digital Business – a core theme for this year’s Cloud Business Summit, and the focus of the 2014 Beacon Awards for business excellence.

“Digital Business” is defined by Saugatuck as follows:

A digital business integrates digital technologies, assets, and capabilities with business development, management, and operations, to create and adapt offerings and experiences that generate revenue and competitive advantage.

– Saugatuck Technology Inc., 2014

2013 Beacon Award Winners
2013 Beacon Award Winners – Click Here for Details

To make this happen, significant and ongoing IT and business investment and innovation need to occur, along with significant changes in culture, organization, operations and management outside of IT, including procurement, training, security, ecosystems, and provider management. Simply adding digital technologies to existing operations does not create a digital business.

Beginning in 2014, the Beacon Awards will recognize user enterprises that have not only made measurable progress toward becoming Digital Businesses, but which also have helped to shape the future of their company, their markets, and Continue reading Call for Nominations: Saugatuck’s Beacon Awards for Business Innovation

Information Technology and Innovation, Beijing Style

China’s rapid development is having a continuing effect upon a wide range of sectors, from Information Technology to politics. Although economic growth has slowed somewhat, it remains relatively high, and profound changes continue to occur throughout the country as it digests its newfound prosperity and the new requirements of a high tech industrial society. Information Technology is leading the way in many of these changes, and it is backed by well-funded government programs that focus development toward a goal of global leadership in Science and Technology by 2050.

One of the key elements of the Chinese plan is to improve innovation so that the country is less reliant upon invention from abroad…even as a starting point for Chinese design. This has created plans and initiatives that have seen Chinese patents rise to the most per year of any nation in the world. Patent quality aside, this has repercussions for external perceptions, investment, and for molding individual and institutional behavior toward creation of new ideas and new ventures. Continue reading Information Technology and Innovation, Beijing Style

Save the Date! Saugatuck Announces 4th Annual Cloud Business Summit

Saugatuck is pleased to announced the date of our 2014 Cloud Business Summit – a 1-day executive event to be held on November 12, 2014 at The Yale Club of New York City. As with prior Summits, our newest event will bring together the most Cloud-experienced senior business and marketing strategists and technology leaders to explore how enterprises can, and are, realizing the most from the Cloud in all of its forms. This year, our conference theme is “Innovation, Opportunity, Risk and Reward“.

Every day, the Cloud delivers process improvement and cost savings payback to businesses of all sizes – as we shift beyond point solutions to core systems of record, mission critical workloads and new ways of engaging with customers and partners. What is becoming increasingly clear is that the revolution we are in is not just about the innovative and transformative uses of Cloud, mobile, social, advanced analytics and sensor technologies – and how they can be used for business advantage.

Instead, we are in the middle of a fundamental re-examination of what it means to succeed in the emerging digital business era. Businesses are realizing that success demands critical new thinking around sustainable business models and what it takes to develop a “winning” business strategy, what is core to brand value, how and what digitally-centric products and services to create and bring to market, how best to exploit the new forms of customer and partner engagement, and what Continue reading Save the Date! Saugatuck Announces 4th Annual Cloud Business Summit

CIO Panel: The Cloud as Enabler of Business Innovation (CBS2013)

On September 25, 2013, Saugatuck held its 3rd annual Cloud Business Summit at the Westin Times Square in New York City.  As with prior Summits, our event brought together more than 100 large-enterprise CIOs, CTOs and senior business and finance leaders – to explore how they can and are realizing value from the Cloud. This year’s conference theme was “Rethinking Business Innovation.

In this lead CIO panel, Saugatuck’s SVP and Head of Research Bruce Guptill is joined by Yuvi Kochar, CTO at The Washington Post Company, Scott Skellenger, VP and CIO at Raintree Oncology Services and Joe Fuller, CIO at Dominion Enterprises, focusing on the role and impact that Cloud is having on driving business innovation throughout Continue reading CIO Panel: The Cloud as Enabler of Business Innovation (CBS2013)