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Intimate Connection: Cloud and Digital Business

The intimate connection between the Cloud and Digital Business was the subject of a recent column / blog post by Forbes.com contributor, Joe McKendrick, in a recently published post entitled Are Digital Business And Cloud Computing Joined At The Hip? No discussion could be more timely.

This has been a rather tumultuous decade for IT. The Cloud has been even more dramatically disruptive than the minicomputer, PC, client / server or early years of the World-Wide Web, and several leading Master Brands, including Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Microsoft (among others) are still reeling from the impact.

On the buy side of technology, too, this continuing transformation is in process of remaking business models and industries, creating opportunities and destroying comfortable franchises. Enterprises large, small and in between are hurrying to find their place in this new business environment that leverages digital technologies on the foundation of still-new Cloud, Mobile, Social and Analytics platforms.

Saugatuck Technology has covered the Cloud since its earliest manifestations in 2004 and has ten years of survey data from technology buyers and providers that Continue reading

Three Reasons to Leave Your Cloud Provider

In a relationship with a Cloud provider – just as in a personal relationship – the relative importance of functions and services delivered by the provider can vary dramatically from customer to customer or even from user to user within the same customer. In a recently published Strategic Perspective, Saugatuck proposes that the most efficient and effective methodology for a customer to evaluate a relationship with a Cloud provider is to focus on whether (and, how well) the Cloud provider is fulfilling expectations in the following three areas: Continue reading

Security is Transformed by Cloud, Big Data and Intelligence

The crowd says Cloud is less secure and holds more risk than enterprise networks. But try to convince the principals at Target of this, and you’ll be told that nothing is secure anymore, unless you turn it off. Unlike the conventional wisdom of the crowd, Saugatuck sees the Cloud as the path through which the entire field of information security is going to become transformed into more control and less risk.

The age of big data security analytics is in its childhood, but this child is growing fast and strong and will soon carry the entire industry on its shoulders as it transforms current practices and technologies. The primary constraint to its growth is the necessary skills to interpret and use the new generation of big data security analytic tools. This key restraint will be overcome by Cloud-enabled application services and the massive pools of information these analytic applications will ingest from around the world. Continue reading

Cisco Aims for Intercloud Differentiation via Value-add

What is Happening?

On Monday, networking and Cloud technology giant Cisco announced that it would invest more than $1 billion over the next two years to build out and deliver a series of what it calls “Intercloud” value-add capabilities and services. They will be delivered across its own and partner data centers utilizing OpenStack technologies to enable rapid application development and deployment, workload migration, and management services within, across, and between multiple Cloud-based and other IT resources. Initial global-scale partners announced by Cisco include Australian telco/network services provider Telstra, IT distributor Ingram Micro, and enterprise management software giant SAP.

According to Cisco Cloud vice president of marketing Mike Riegel, “We absolutely intend to disrupt the cloud marketplace with this play.” Riegel explained that Cisco sees the greatest opportunities in Cloud market growth and value shifting from baseline infrastructure, compute, and storage services in a single Cloud (e.g., AWS) to applications-driven business value within, between, and across multiple Clouds. Continue reading

DevOps is a Digital Business imperative

The rapid emergence of Digital Businesses, coming close on the heels of the shift to Cloud, Mobile, Social and Analytics, has been catalyzed by sensor technology and data streams, the Internet of Many Things, and the nascent API Economy. For businesses to execute successfully the accelerating transformation to Digital Business, whether Cloud IT industry players or emerging Boundary-free Enterprises, many of which have usually been on the customer side of this equation, this challenge is significant: how to retool and keep pace with the ongoing pace of change.

New platforms for development and operational management and for the discipline of DevOps are essential, but there are some important things to keep in mind: Continue reading

dPaaS: Is the Real Payback Control or Productivity?

For providers of Cloud solutions targeting the Boundary-free Enterprise™, whether enterprise IT or Cloud ISV, partnering with a Cloud development platform provider will be a strategic decision.

Saugatuck Planning Position (SPP): By YE2017, Enterprises, ISVs (and pure-play Cloud providers) will require improved flexibility in developing and enhancing core business operational functionality in loosely-coupled solutions across the Boundary-free Enterprise™ platforms.

In considering and evaluating Cloud development Platform as a Service solutions, enterprise IT or Cloud ISV buyers are generally not acquiring an off-the-shelf solution, but entering into a developing relationship with their provider. Consider the history over the past five years of Microsoft’s Windows Azure Platform, which has evolved and deepened the portfolio of functional capabilities available there, and what was once embryonic has now become much more fully realized.

How many of the long list of onetime PaaS contenders are still in business and have not been acquired: Amazon, Apprenda, Bungee Connect, CollabNet, Coghead, ComRange, Cordys, CloudBees, EngineYard, EMC, EnSiM, Fujitsu, Google, Heroku, IBM, Interneer, Jamcracker, LongJump, Microsoft, MorphLabs, OrangeScape, Parallels, Progress, RedHat, Rollbase, Salesforce, SAP, Servoy, Wavemaker, WorkXpress? How many of these PaaS contenders have merged together? How many are still in business, but not yet on the map?

NOTE: Ongoing Saugatuck subscription clients can access this deep-dive premium research piece (1338MKT) by clicking here, and inputting your ID and password.

IBM Goes All-In on SoftLayer with Cloudant

In recent weeks, IBM has rolled out, through a series of announcements, multiple Cloud platform solutions that will run on SoftLayer, a radically different approach to enterprise software and data that may take a while to geland for the significant potential for possible synergies to manifest themselves.

Today, IBM announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Cloudant, a privately-held company based in Boston, Massachusetts with offices in Seattle, Washington and Bristol, United Kingdom. Cloudant will remain a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Cloudant extends IBM’s Big Data and Analytics, Cloud computing, and Mobile offerings by further helping clients take advantage of these key growth initiatives, particularly for systems of engagement. Client enterprises across Continue reading

Managing Risk While Leveraging the Cloud – CFO/CIO Panel (CBS2013)

On September 25, 2013, Saugatuck held its 3rd annual Cloud Business Summit at the Westin Times Square in New York City.  As with prior Summits, our event brought together more than 100 large-enterprise CIOs, CTOs and senior business and finance leaders – to explore how they can and are realizing value from the Cloud. This year’s conference theme was “Rethinking Business Innovation.

In this featured panel, Saugatuck Technology founder and CEO Bill McNee is joined by Vinay Mehra, CFO at WGBH, Ed Beesley, CIO at SGS, and Gary Lynch, Managing Director and Global Practice Leader at Marsh to discuss how and where the Office of the CFO is embracing the Cloud, as well as how it is managing the risks associated with Cloud becoming ubiquitous across the enterprise.

After years of deploying high-payback but tactical Cloud solutions in areas such as Tax and Cash Management, Saugatuck research indicates the beginning of a substantial and rapid move by Finance groups to embrace Cloud for core accounting functions and operations over the next three years. This panel discusses Continue reading

Oracle Rides the Marketing Services Wave

One of the most entertaining and enlightening discussion sessions (among many) at this year’s Cloud Business Summit concerned the increasing role, involvement, and influence on enterprise marketing organizations and operations on enterprise Cloud business strategy, Cloud services acquisition, and overall IT spending and management.

Bottom line: Marketing, along with Finance and the IT organization, is one of the most powerful influences on the direction, cost, and use of IT – especially Cloud-based IT, given the reach and power of Cloud-based interaction, data gathering, processing, and analytics.

I bring this up because Oracle, one of the most careful and steady of traditional IT Master Brands, has just agreed to acquire Cloud-based marketing software and services provider Responsys Inc. for about $1.5 billion. The acquisition will not only Continue reading