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Summary Thoughts on Saugatuck’s 2015 Cloud Business Summit

What is Happening?

Digital Business. Cloud innovation. Strategic Finance, Marketing, and IT organizational improvement. Enterprise software and IT outsourcing. All in the context of market, business, and organizational re-invention at accelerating paces.

This week’s fifth annual Cloud Business Summit in New York City covered all of this in depth, engaging more than 120 corporate IT and business leaders – more than half of which were large enterprise CIOs, CTOs, CFOs and CMOs – in frank discussions about initiatives, failures, success, and lessons learned.

Subtitled “Let’s get down to [Digital] Business,” CBS2015 included insightful presentations, frank and engaging panel discussions, and side debates on how and why enterprise business and related IT are undergoing forced, rapid change that demands the rethinking and re-invention of business models and approaches, development and leverage of new opportunities, and fundamental changes that – when properly planned and executed – improve the ability of enterprise IT organizations and leaders to enable and improve digital business.

Why is it Happening?

The entire day was dedicated to experience-based insight, review, and guidance regarding How, When, Why, and What to Do about the shift to Digital Business. Detailed review of the sessions are being developed into research that will be shared with clients of Saugatuck’s premium CRS subscription research service through the coming weeks. Video of each session will also be posted online; look for Lens360 blogposts from Saugatuck’s research leaders for updates and availabilities on those.

The day began with a featured presentation by Dr. Bernard Meyerson, IBM Fellow and Chief Innovation Officer titled “Information Technology: A Tectonic Shift.” Beginning with the end of Moore’s Law and pushing through to visions of entirely new types of computing that are being / will be required by shifts toward Big Data and advanced analytics, Dr. Meyerson engaged the audience in how business is rapidly changing IT, and IT is rapidly changing business, faster and more extensively than we have previously experienced. Continue reading Summary Thoughts on Saugatuck’s 2015 Cloud Business Summit

Ahead of the Cloud Business Summit: The End of IT Outsourcing as We Know It

What is Happening?          

As Saugatuck has previously articulated, analysis of apparently mundane events can show those events to be indicators of key trends in the IT market. This week, two otherwise-disconnected events proved us right again. In no implied order of importance, CenturyLink hosted its second annual Analyst Forum, and IBM announced its 3rd Quarter 2015 earnings. In the case of these two events, from separate and competing vendors, there is a common message: the business of IT outsourcing (ITO) is changing.

Saugatuck VP Charlie Burns attended CenturyLink’s Analyst Forum in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on 20 October. Of course there were many presentations designed to convince attendees that CenturyLink is the only reasonable choice for any enterprise IT organization. But the event also communicated how significantly CenturyLink’s ITO business, which has been a major source of revenue and profit, is changing.

Similarly, when IBM announced 3rd Quarter earnings this week, there were the obligatory statistics showing expenses and revenues contributed by various business units. But there was also a key message that part of the decline in IBM’s revenue is due to changes in IBM’s traditional ITO business.

Saugatuck views this common message as uniquely significant, particularly when one considers the underlying causes for the change and the various alternatives for the rate and magnitude of change for the traditional ITO business. This Research Alert looks at this common message and offers some insights into the near term and the longer term implications in the IT market. Continue reading Ahead of the Cloud Business Summit: The End of IT Outsourcing as We Know It

Improving CFO and CIO Business Value at the Cloud Business Summit

What is Happening?          

Finance and IT groups, leaders, roles, and functions continue to transform toward Digital Business using Cloud, analytics, mobility, and associated capabilities. But too often, these two critical enterprise management centers move forward on aligned-but-separate paths that exacerbate skills shortages, restrict the effectiveness of advanced solutions, and limit their own business effectiveness and value – in turn reducing the ability of the business to compete as the world transforms more and more toward Digital Business.

On Nov. 4, 2015, Saugatuck’s fifth annual Cloud Business Summit in New York City will provide a forum for both the IT and Finance leadership camps to present their sides of the story, to ascertain where each may be failing, and develop key steps that will put both not only on the same, aligned path, but will enable them to walk that path in a more synchronized manner that will empower them to develop and deliver the greatest possible value to the business over the next several years.

Why is it Happening?

No one, including Saugatuck, would disagree that most enterprise business leaders and CIOs need to be aligned when it comes to any strategic or significant business and technology issue, need, plan, or investment. Here’s what we had to say earlier this year in our review of survey data regarding CFO and CIO views on Cloud-based Financial management solutions:

“Alignment between the CFO and CIO is essential when undertaking the Cloud migration. Go-to-market strategy and messaging of providers of core financials in the Cloud should focus not only on the top concerns where there is already pretty good alignment, but also on lower-priority issues where there are more significant differences between CFOs and their CIO partners.”

– 1566STR, Core Financials in the Cloud: Aligning the CFO – CIO Partnership, 23April2015

Continue reading Improving CFO and CIO Business Value at the Cloud Business Summit

Let’s Recognize Digital Business Brilliance

To paraphrase an ongoing Saugatuck Technology research position, the future of business lies not in Cloud or IT in any form, but in how forward-thinking business and IT users and leaders adapt and adopt Cloud and other IT – and themselves – to innovate, create, and improve business.

Since 2011, Saugatuck has worked to recognize and promote the most compelling, most innovative, and most creative firms with the annual Beacon Awards, which celebrate those organizations adopting and adapting Cloud and related, advanced technologies – e.g., Mobility, Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Collaborative/Social IT – into digital business innovations that deliver real improvement and advantage for their organizations. We have celebrated a wide range of firms that have adapted advanced IT and themselves to reshape their business, their future, their markets, and their customer/partner networks and relationships. Past Beacon innovators include the following:

  • Actelion Pharmaceutical, for its innovative data analytics methodology and architecture enabling exceptional cost reductions in program tracking and regulatory compliance.
  • Citi, for its innovative private Cloud infrastructure that drastically reduces service provisioning times and improves service levels while reducing total cost of ownership.
  • Harry Rosen, for its mobility-enabled, in-store, BYOD-driven customer relationship, sales and marketing approach that enabled significant and repeated revenue growth through recessionary environments.
  • Johnson & Johnson, for its “sandbox”-driven, “skunkworks”-style comprehensive development and business improvement operations that enabled new opportunities, new business, reduced costs, and an improved ability to innovate in everything from product development to sales to customer support.
  • com, which has utilized Cloud and related technologies to improve and expand global service availability and improve regulatory compliance, including ITAR and SOC 2 compliance, while reducing operating costs by as much as 30%, and cutting down internal resources dedicated to compliance and security by half.
  • UBS, for its unique, repeatable and cost-effective approach to mobility and BYOD capabilities in support of sales revenues and customer retention, while maintaining the highest security and privacy levels required and possible.

Now, we want more. We know that there are countless firms, government agencies, NGOs and others that are breaking through boundaries and creating more ways of doing business – especially Digital Business. We’re inviting all to nominate or to be nominated. Continue reading Let’s Recognize Digital Business Brilliance

2015 Beacon Awards Track Digital Business Transformation and Innovation

What is Happening?

Two terms crystallize what the most competitive firms are doing, or will be doing, in many markets today: “Innovation” and “Digital Business.” Both are represented and recognized by Saugatuck’s annual Beacon Awards for business IT innovation.

In Saugatuck’s view, “Innovation” must equate with “improvement,” i.e., new ways of doing things better, more efficiently, more productively, and often also enabling further improvement. Business and IT innovation today come at increasingly-rapid paces, creating and expanding digital business capabilities and opportunities catalyzed by Cloud and its attendant technologies and capabilities.

In Saugatuck’s lexicon, “Digital Business” is much broader than typically understood. Digital Business can include new, more, and better means of collaborating and communicating internally and externally, carrying the concept of electronic commerce far beyond long-standing capabilities like EDI, messaging, web catalogs, and payments. Digital Business in this context means more and better ways of interacting and transacting at multiple levels, in more environments, with more reliability, security, and effectiveness. Importantly it also include the creation and delivery of new types of digital offerings, from content to software to business processes to services.

While digitally-native businesses conceptualized and launched leveraging today’s modern technology stack and new customer engagement models start with a clean slate, traditional businesses are likewise fast getting into the act, reshaping their business and product strategies, and delivery models, amid the massive disruption and reinvention that is occurring across so many industries today.

The “right” blend(s) of innovation, creativity, and improvement vary by company, and even within companies. The most compelling, most innovative, and most creative firms are recognized with our annual Beacon Awards, which will be presented again this year at Saugatuck’s Cloud Business Summit on November 4th, at the Yale Club of New York City.

For a brief overview of the event, check out a recently published Lens360 blog post authored by Saugatuck CEO Bill McNee (Set Your Digital Business Agenda at the 2015 Cloud Business Summit NYC).

The Beacon Awards are an important means of recognizing business IT innovation that enables improvement, that creates new ways of doing business, or even that creates entirely new businesses. They provide a means to spotlight and reward enterprises that have adopted and adapted real digital business innovations, developed real improvement and advantage, and helped to shape the future of their company, their markets, and their customer / partner ecosystems. Continue reading 2015 Beacon Awards Track Digital Business Transformation and Innovation

Set Your Digital Business Agenda at the 2015 Cloud Business Summit NYC

We’re pleased to announce the date for the 2015 Cloud Business Summit, which will be held on Wednesday, November 4, at The Yale Club of New York City. This CxO event brings together marketing, finance, innovation and IT executives for a content- and concept-packed day that will help you set the Digital Business agenda for your enterprise in 2016.

Now in its fifth year, the Cloud Business Summit will feature presentations, panels and fireside chats with the most Cloud- and Digital-experienced senior business and finance executives, marketing strategists and technology leaders and evangelists. These world-class experts will reveal how enterprises can, and are, realizing the most from the Cloud in all of its forms.

This one-of-a-kind event offers peer networking, one-on-one chats with top vendor evangelists and executive leadership and a conference track designed to stretch your mind and bring Cloud technologies and Digital Business strategies down to earth. This year we have our most practical and actionable agenda ever – a reflection of the mainstreaming of Cloud technologies, and the emergence of Digital Business as a top-tier boardroom priority.

Please join us!


What You’ll Learn at the 2015 Cloud Business Summit

Our agenda is taking shape and new speakers are being added each week as Continue reading Set Your Digital Business Agenda at the 2015 Cloud Business Summit NYC

Panel: Cloud Infrastructure and DevOps – Accelerating Innovation (CBS2014)

On November 12th, 2014, Saugatuck Technology held its 4th annual Cloud Business Summit at the Yale Club of New York City. As with prior Summits, our event brought together more than 100 large-enterprise CIOs, CTOs and senior business, marketing and finance leaders – to explore how they can and are realizing value from the Cloud.

Saugatuck Research VP, Charlie Burns hosted an expert panel discussion titled “Cloud Infrastructure and DevOps: Accelerating Innovation.” The participants were (from left to right in the videos) Volker Wills, Sr. PM Manager at Microsoft, Eric Reed, Global CTO at GE Capital, Helen Donnelly, Director at Verizon Enterprise Solutions, Emery Czulak, Assistant CISO at Department of Homeland Security. The first video clip from the panel is an excerpt of their discussion about the growing requirement for professional services to support Cloud infrastructure offerings. The second video includes suggestions for the era of “state-sponsored” security threats, including planning for rapid recovery of data and applications from Cloud providers. Continue reading Panel: Cloud Infrastructure and DevOps – Accelerating Innovation (CBS2014)

Entering The Digital Business Era: Takeaways From the Cloud Business Summit

What is Happening?

Earlier today, Saugatuck published its executive leadership report summarizing the key takeaways from its recent 2014 Cloud Business Summit, held in New York City on Nov. 12. As detailed in a previous Research Alert (entitled “Trip Report: Key Highlights from 2014 Cloud Business Summit”), more than 100 large enterprise CIOs / CTOs, CFOs and CMOs participated in the day-long, peer-level forum.

In this Research Alert, we highlight some of the key insights and best practice takeways from the report to help these executives develop, refine, and optimize new and better ways of doing business in the Cloud-first, Digital Business era. The 42-page report, entitled “2014 Cloud Business Summit Leadership Report: The Digital Business Era” is available via Saugatuck’s web site. Current subscription research clients may access the report by clicking here.

Sessions and discussions during the Summit centered on ways that Cloud and its related capabilities (e.g., Mobility, Social IT, Advanced Analytics/Big Data) are enabling significant innovation and improvement in how business is created, accomplished, and managed, as well as how these capabilities and innovations are secured and governed.

The bottom line? Rethinking and reinventing business and IT strategy, operations, management, engagement, and investment to enable digital business strategies has never been more advantageous to the enterprise – but it’s only a matter of time before that advantage turns to necessity. Continue reading Entering The Digital Business Era: Takeaways From the Cloud Business Summit

Fireside Chat with Tim Minahan, CMO SAP Cloud (CBS14)

On November 12th, 2014, Saugatuck Technology held its 4th annual Cloud Business Summit at the Yale Club of New York City. As with prior Summits, our event brought together more than 100 large-enterprise CIOs, CTOs and senior business and finance leaders – to explore how they can and are realizing value from the Cloud.

The key focus this year was the significant impact that Cloud is having in shaping core business strategy, as we evolve into the era of Digital Business.

In this Fireside chat, Saugatuck Research Fellow Bruce Guptill sits down with Tim Minahan, CMO SAP Cloud. Minahan discusses the impact that Cloud has had, not just on the cost profile of IT, but also in how it has drastically reshaped the agility that businesses are capable of achieving. Guptill and Minahan go on to talk about how businesses are opening new doors by harvesting data at scale, and using this to help them move beyond traditional TCO models to look instead the opportunities Cloud can create for their businesses. Continue reading Fireside Chat with Tim Minahan, CMO SAP Cloud (CBS14)

Trip Report: Key Highlights from 2014 Cloud Business Summit

What is Happening?          

Earlier this week, Saugatuck hosted its fourth annual Cloud Business Summit, an intimate gathering of 100+ large-enterprise CIOs/CTOs, CMOs, and CFOs at the Yale Club of New York City. As with previous Summits, the event explored how these leaders are realizing the most from the Cloud today. However, the key focus this year was the significant impact that Cloud is having in shaping core business strategy, as we evolve into the era of Digital Business.

Throughout the day, it was very clear that the “Cloud Experiment” is over for all but the most laggard IT shops. Up and down the Cloud technology stack and across the new master architecture (that includes mobile, social, and advanced analytics) we are moving toward mainstream adoption. Even the Finance organization is coming around, as our soon to be released CFO / CIO research will demonstrate. Given this, a key issue for business and IT leaders is how best to exploit the new frontier to build profitable and sustainable Digital Enterprises, which has now become a top-tier CXO agenda item.

Why is it Happening?

Saugatuck founder and CEO Bill McNee kicked off this year’s Summit by unveiling the results of its just completed CXO survey on Digital Business engagement, success, and key challenges. The research, conducted with 102 SVP+ IT, Finance, and Marketing leaders in McNee’s LinkedIn network – illustrates just how rapidly the shift to Digital Business is occurring.

While Saugatuck will soon be publishing more in-depth results of the research, find below some key highlights. It should be noted that the research is biased toward very large North American enterprises, as 50% of the respondents work for companies with greater than 10K employees. The insights are also reflective of very senior business and IT leaders, with nearly 60% maintaining a C-level title, with another 20% SVP+.

  • A quarter (26%) of the enterprise leaders stated that their firms were already “Fully Engaged” or “Established” in Digital business, with 74% either having “No Digital Footprint” (4%), in an “Experimental / Learning” mode (32%), or “Committed / In Process” (38%) today, although not yet generating meaningful revenue.
  • However, by 2018, more than half of these execs believe their firms will be fully “Established” Digital Businesses (57%), with another 33% fully “Engaged” – with Digital Business central to business organization, management and brand, including engagement with customers, partners, and suppliers.

Continue reading Trip Report: Key Highlights from 2014 Cloud Business Summit