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NetSuite Buys Venda for European Push

Late last week NetSuite announced the acquisition of Venda, a private company with headquarters in London and offices in New York and Bangkok. Venda, a Cloud-based ecommerce solution provider, offers ecommerce design and build, plus operational and support services, presently hosting over 75 midsized and large customers, primarily in EMEA markets. Venda serves both B2C and B2B providers with its multi-lingual and multi-currency platform.

In a follow-up briefing, NetSuite shared that it intends to leverage the Venda platform and customer base to accelerate its international growth, building on its recent momentum for NetSuite SuiteCommerce in EMEA. As demonstrated by the recent agreement with T-Systems, the integration arm of Deutche Telekom, it is becoming clear that it is essential to have a native presence in EMEA markets to Continue reading

Memo to Satya Nadella as Microsoft Shifts Its Core  

To:       Satya Nadella, CEO, MSFT
From:   Bruce Guptill, 30-year IT industry analyst
Re:       Your email of 11 July


I have read through and discussed your “internal” email regarding Microsoft’s direction and emphasis with several colleagues and competitors, and I must say, “Bravo.” You are the first Microsoft CEO to effectively, publicly, shift the company’s core positioning and direction. That took vision, guts, planning, lots of internal politicking, and nerves of steel.

For me, the key bits were as follows:

  • “We will reinvent productivity for people who are swimming in a growing sea of devices, apps, data and social networks.”
  • “Across Microsoft, we will obsess over reinventing productivity and platforms.”
  • “We will relentlessly focus on and build great digital work and life experiences with specific focus on dual use. Our cloud OS infrastructure, device OS and first-party hardware will all build around this core focus and enable broad ecosystems. Microsoft will light up digital work and life experiences in the most personal, intelligent, open and empowering ways.”
  • “Developers and partners will thrive by creatively extending Microsoft experiences for every individual and business on the planet.”

In my view, you hit every important point in the right way, effectively blocked every obvious avenue to thwart change, and provided enough direction and emphasis to inspire and guide. Kudos to you and your Continue reading

Vendor-driven “Open” Standards and the IoT/IoE

Kudos to Intel, Dell, Samsung, Broadcom, et al for establishing the Open Interconnect Consortium, which aims to deliver an open-source specification for common language(s) between devices and objects so they can communicate more easily, and therefore enable the increasingly-cited Internet of Things (I still insist that it is, and will be, the Internet(s) of Everything(s)).

Kudos also to Qualcomm, LG, Panasonic and Microsoft for establishing and promoting the AllSeen Alliance, which aims to deliver an open-source specification for common language(s) between devices and objects so they can communicate more easily, and therefore enable the increasingly-cited Internet of Things/Internet(s) of Everything(s).

Wait – two vendor-driven groups striving to create “open” standards for the same thing? Hmm. Continue reading

MicroStrategy Bundling & Pricing Spotlights Continuous ISV Cloud Business Transitions

BI software vendor MicroStrategy announced significant revisions to its offering delivery and pricing, bundling what had been 21 separate offerings into 4 “packages,” aimed respectively at developers, mobile users, power users in traditional server-based environments, and users preferring a Web-based interface. According to MicroStrategy, “clients will have all styles of analytics (self-service, dashboards, advanced analytics) across any interface (web, mobile, pdf, email report distribution) at Big Data scale–on an automated platform.”

The company’s pricing shifted somewhat to reflect the bundling. PC World reports the new pricing as follows:

In our view, this move spotlights how ISVs across all types of markets not only continue to revisit, review, revise, and refresh their offerings, pricing and delivery methods, but also how they must continually update, upgrade, and rethink not only offerings, but also practically every aspect of the company, even as they Continue reading

Habeas Data? Caveat Venditor

There has been recent furor over the European Union’s ruling that people have a “Right to Be Forgotten”. This means that they can demand that certain types of information about them—particularly, that which is libelous or untrue—be removed from Internet search and access. The ruling is new, but this really follows existing legislation, such as the Privacy Directive, and emphasizes the right of the individual to personal information.

Allied with this is a growing movement across South America, initiated by Brazil in 1988 for “Habeas Data,” wherein information held about an individual must be made available to that individual, with provision for editing. Habeas Data differs in that it is embedded in the Brazilian national Constitution as an inherent right, much like the Bill of Rights of the US.  This has spread throughout South America, and is now Continue reading

Intimate Connection: Cloud and Digital Business

The intimate connection between the Cloud and Digital Business was the subject of a recent column / blog post by contributor, Joe McKendrick, in a recently published post entitled Are Digital Business And Cloud Computing Joined At The Hip? No discussion could be more timely.

This has been a rather tumultuous decade for IT. The Cloud has been even more dramatically disruptive than the minicomputer, PC, client / server or early years of the World-Wide Web, and several leading Master Brands, including Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Microsoft (among others) are still reeling from the impact.

On the buy side of technology, too, this continuing transformation is in process of remaking business models and industries, creating opportunities and destroying comfortable franchises. Enterprises large, small and in between are hurrying to find their place in this new business environment that leverages digital technologies on the foundation of still-new Cloud, Mobile, Social and Analytics platforms.

Saugatuck Technology has covered the Cloud since its earliest manifestations in 2004 and has ten years of survey data from technology buyers and providers that Continue reading

Alteryx Inspire – The Importance of Analytic Context

Recently, Saugatuck attended the 2014 Alteryx Inspire event in San Diego as part of our ongoing Analytics, BI, and Big Data research. The event showcased not just Alteryx offerings and customers, but also did a good job of presenting and encouraging discussion around Analytics trends, partner relationships, and challenges for users of analytics – including Big Data. We came away from the event with three key insights, as follows:

1) ETL & Access to the Data. One of the primary differentiators of Alteryx is built-in ETL. Even though the application features significant Advanced Analytics capabilities (built around the R language), the Alteryx Designer focuses around an ETL-centric workflow. These capabilities make Alteryx adept at combining multiple data sources, and performing complex Joins and Transformations that would normally be prohibitively difficult for end-user business analysts. These capabilities feature centrally for the customers that we talked to as well, as most Continue reading

Cognizant Sets Sights on TOP (Tier One, Period)

As part of our ongoing field research, Saugatuck regularly attends industry and provider conferences to gain first person insight and to get a chance to speak directly with user and provider executives. This week was no exception. On 16 and 17 June, Bill McNee (Saugatuck’s CEO and Founder) and Charlie Burns (VP, Research) attended Cognizant’s annual Analyst Summit in New York City.

For Saugatuck, the event clearly reinforced Cognizant’s ongoing evolution in strategy, target markets and offerings. Besides a mantra of aiming for the TOP – meaning Tier One, Period – its investments in a range of Horizon 2 and Horizon 3 capabilities and offerings reflects its more than subtle evolution toward industry-specific strategy consulting services and smartly packaged horizontal and vertical business solutions and utilities. On the strategy consulting services front, they now have more than 600 consultants that are helping them not only sell strategy engagements, but solidify bigger integrated Continue reading

Fire One: Amazon’s Shot Across the Smartphone Industry’s Bow

Naval tradition states that, when in pursuit of another vessel, a warship will fire at least one shot across the bow of the pursued vessel, to warn said vessel to heave to and surrender. In its simplest form, this is understood to mean “stop, or I’ll do my best to destroy you.”

With the just-announced Fire, Amazon has loosed its warning shot across the smartphone industry’s bow. But it’s far from clear if the industry will surrender, or even slow down.

First of all, the Fire is a pretty cool phone with a super-slick 3-D user interface; what we saw allows one to look around objects on the screen, see screen objects from wide Continue reading

Innovation Fuels OpenText Growth

At the OpenText analyst conference on Thursday, June 12, 2014 in Boston, CEO Mark Barrenechea asked the assembled group of industry analysts if Enterprise Information Management (EIM) is the best possible handle for what it is they do. Good question. The breadth of OpenText’s offerings – arrayed in solution suites – and the depth of their functionality is difficult to categorize. When SVP Engineering Muhi Majzoub walked through a truly broad range of innovative upgrades to the OpenText solutions portfolio, drilling down on CEO  Barrenechea’s EIM vision, the dimensions of the challenge multiplied.

I had always thought of OpenText as a content management solution provider, particularly strong in its application to Governance, Risk and Compliance, but the company has broadened its base in several directions over the past several years. OpenText has made twenty-five (25) acquisitions since 2000. Just to give three recent examples, the acquisitions of EasyLink and GXS in supply chain / internet commerce and Cordys in application development / BPM workflow extend the reach and appeal of OpenText in enterprise software markets and embrace the Cloud. Continue reading