About Saugatuck Research

As established industry analysts, creating and publishing relevant and actionable research is core to who we are and what we do. Saugatuck delivers its research in a variety of formats – some complimentary and freely available to the general public (such as this Lens360 blog), others that requiring a license to access our premium research services, which includes access to our Research Library as well as phone-based inquiry / advisory into our team of senior industry analysts.

Complimentary Research Services

  • Research Alerts – Saugatuck Technology publishes weekly 2-3 page market insights related to key industry trends and events, distributed via email (if signed up via our core research website), and repurposed in our Lens360 blog.
  • Lens 360 Blog – our companion blog features original blog posts, Research Alert highlights, and select summaries of our original premium CRS research. An added value feature of Lens 360 is the ability to “Subscribe to the blog” (complimentary, but requires registration / membership). Once subscribed, you will receive email alerts of newly posted blog entries.
  • Custom Thought-leadership Research – Saugatuck periodically creates original, custom co-branded thought-leadership research on behalf of its clients, across a multitude of topics.

Premium Subscription Research Services

Since 2006, Saugatuck has been creating and publishing premium research through its Continuous Research Services (CRS). CRS is a subscription-based research and advisory service that provides independent insights, guidance and leadership strategies associated with the most important emerging trends driving change in enterprise IT. Our research helps our clients build lasting strategies that leverage emerging technologies such as Cloud, Mobile, Social and Advanced Analytics (among others) – all foundational elements that are enabling the Boundary-free Enterprise™.

CRS provides an unbiased and balanced view that is valued by both providers and consumers of technology-enabled products and services alike.

  • For Technology Provider Executives, CRS provides rich and targeted insight and guidance into emerging market trends, buyer behavior, “white-space” opportunities and disruptive market forces impacting enterprise IT.
  • For Enterprise IT Executives, CRS provides strategies and tactics to both save money and make money in new ways, decision support for key enterprise initiatives, as well as insight into the best practices associated with creating and  launching new Cloud-enabled business services.

CRS is provided on an annual subscription basis and provides uninterrupted access to Saugatuck’s premium published research, as well as advisory support through scheduled telephone inquiry with Saugatuck’s team of senior industry analysts. In this sense, CRS is very much a relationship-based service that allows subscribers to customize the research through value-added insights and actionable recommendations delivered through one-on-one interactions with our experts.

To learn more about Saugatuck’s premium subscription research service, go to:

  • CRS-Overview – Saugatuck Technology’s foundation and premium-level subscription research and advisory offering that includes access to all of Saugatuck’s published research ( e.g., Strategic Perspectives, Market/Data Reports, Strategic Research Reports) plus telephone-based inquiry support to help our clients customize the research through value-added insights and actionable recommendations delivered through one-on-one interactions with our analyst experts.