IBM Building ‘Blue Stack’ for Big Data Analysis

What is Happening?

IBM last week made a series of announcements around the OpenPOWER Foundation that parallel in silicon last month’s software introductions at IBM Insight 2015.

The OpenPOWER Foundation announcements are clearly designed to provide the high-level computing power that today’s increasingly important Big Data and advanced analytics demand. Among the announcements were the following: Continue reading IBM Building ‘Blue Stack’ for Big Data Analysis

IoT Security Challenges and Opportunities

The age of the IoT started when the first ATM machine went online in 1969: it is now underway in earnest with billions of smartphones in use and billions of many different devices yet to come. The IoT will see smart devices deployed in almost every industry, some of which will be for common uses across industries, others of which will be for use in specific industries. The IoT will become big, and according to some forecasts, very big!  Continue reading IoT Security Challenges and Opportunities

Finance Transformation is a Mind Game First

While participating in two national software provider events recently, I was asked a series of very similar questions about the role and ability of new Finance management software to enable CFOs and other leaders to improve the strategic business positioning and value of the Finance organization. To simplify, I will roll all the questions into one, as follows: “Once they have replaced their Finance management software, what should Finance leaders be focusing on to take their business to the next level?”  Continue reading Finance Transformation is a Mind Game First

Smart Cities and the Future of Nimble IT Partnerships

What is Happening?

There is a small, but increasingly influential and global move toward so-called “Smart Cities” that Saugatuck believes will gradually reveal critical information technology and application paths for developers, providers, services providers, and users – from individual/consumer up through large enterprises.

Last week, Saugatuck’s Ron Exler participated in the Global City Teams Challenge (GCTC) at the NIST campus outside of Washington, D.C. The event involved 500 participants from IT providers, academia, and officials from all levels of government in the U.S. and overseas. The program focused on building and advancing team actions applying Internet of Things (IoT) applications within the smart city/community environments. The teams – labeled “Action Clusters” by the event organizers – include representatives from local governments, non-profits, academic institutions, and private corporations. NIST coordinates these efforts through its Cyber-Physical Systems Program. Continue reading Smart Cities and the Future of Nimble IT Partnerships

Mapping the Asian Future

Technology in Asia has developed in different ways from other regions, as we have discussed in previous Perspectives starting with 1049MKT, The Emerging Asian Cloud: Growing Swiftly and Different from the West, 30March2012. Not only are the topics of interest skewed toward a different viewpoint, but development tends to follow a path of reluctance, followed by interest and enthusiasm and a faster implementation trajectory. This is particularly true of technologies that particularly favor Asian conditions. As we move into the Digital Age, most of the current industry themes have specific importance to this region. Continue reading Mapping the Asian Future

The Cloud Experiment is Being Replace by “Experienced Realities”

Most CIOs would likely agree that the Cloud “experiment” is over. And, rapidly expanding adoptions of Cloud-based offerings are yielding a growing wealth of experience. At Saugatuck’s fifth annual Cloud Business Summit in New York City on 4 November, 2015, Saugatuck research VP, Charlie Burns, moderated a panel session entitled “Cloud Infrastructure and Security.” A recently published Strategic Perspective summarizes the panel discussion as they explored several of the areas of popular wisdom and related experienced realities of Cloud-based offerings. Continue reading The Cloud Experiment is Being Replace by “Experienced Realities”

Intacct Advantage 2015 – Midmarket and Loving It

What is Happening?

Vendor events are great opportunities to catch up on developments, talk with leaders, and listen to partners and customers. It is always an intense environment, but also a great means of developing a better understanding of the vendor, its market(s), and its customer base(s).

Intacct Advantage 2015 this week in Las Vegas was no exception. The impetus for Saugatuck’s participation was the opportunity to participate in a challenging and interactive panel on the future of Cloud ERP chaired by Intacct BoD member and Jackson Square Ventures managing director Bob Spinner. Insights from that session are being published for clients of Saugatuck’s CRS subscription research service, and will also be excerpted for our Lens360 blog.

The event also included very candid 1-on-1 time with Intacct CEO Rob Reid, insights from CTO Aaron Harris and product management VP Dan Miller, and sharing market insights and research ideas with Marketing VP Clark Newby.

The net result is a clear view of where Intacct is today and why, what it plans to be, and how it plans to get there. Intacct is, and will be, a Finance-first Cloud ERP provider focused on helping the midmarket CFO manage rapid business change and growth. Saugatuck sees this positioning as not only refreshing but also healthy in a marketplace where many, if not most, Finance/ERP providers are confusing themselves by simultaneously trying to move up- or down-stream while trying to address a core mid-market customer and partner base.

Why is it Happening?

Intacct’s focus on midmarket firms builds on a legacy of being the “next step” Finance management software as smaller firms outgrew traditional SMB applications like QuickBooks. Over the past few years, the company has focused much more intently on moving up into the mainstream midmarket (100-1,000 employees), and has enjoyed great success there. In fact, Saugatuck estimates that more than 2/3rds of its new business over the past three years have come from customers in this segment.

It is CEO Reid’s fervent belief that the midmarket is where the best opportunities lie. Large enterprises require more customization for more complex environments, with an exceptionally powerful established base of ERP, DBMS, HR and Finance software providers from Oracle and SAP through to Workday. The millions of potential customers at the “S” end of the SMB market tend to be Continue reading Intacct Advantage 2015 – Midmarket and Loving It

Cisco, Ericsson Partner on Networks, IoT, Mobility and More

This week, Cisco and Ericsson announced a broad-reaching and, in many ways, unprecedented partnership regarding Cloud, IoT, mobility, and more.

The partnership focus is on network transformation for network services providers, including advancements in mobility and the Internet of Things (IoT). The partnership includes planned global coverage affecting business and technology from both companies, including the following: Continue reading Cisco, Ericsson Partner on Networks, IoT, Mobility and More

Summary Thoughts on Saugatuck’s 2015 Cloud Business Summit

What is Happening?

Digital Business. Cloud innovation. Strategic Finance, Marketing, and IT organizational improvement. Enterprise software and IT outsourcing. All in the context of market, business, and organizational re-invention at accelerating paces.

This week’s fifth annual Cloud Business Summit in New York City covered all of this in depth, engaging more than 120 corporate IT and business leaders – more than half of which were large enterprise CIOs, CTOs, CFOs and CMOs – in frank discussions about initiatives, failures, success, and lessons learned.

Subtitled “Let’s get down to [Digital] Business,” CBS2015 included insightful presentations, frank and engaging panel discussions, and side debates on how and why enterprise business and related IT are undergoing forced, rapid change that demands the rethinking and re-invention of business models and approaches, development and leverage of new opportunities, and fundamental changes that – when properly planned and executed – improve the ability of enterprise IT organizations and leaders to enable and improve digital business.

Why is it Happening?

The entire day was dedicated to experience-based insight, review, and guidance regarding How, When, Why, and What to Do about the shift to Digital Business. Detailed review of the sessions are being developed into research that will be shared with clients of Saugatuck’s premium CRS subscription research service through the coming weeks. Video of each session will also be posted online; look for Lens360 blogposts from Saugatuck’s research leaders for updates and availabilities on those.

The day began with a featured presentation by Dr. Bernard Meyerson, IBM Fellow and Chief Innovation Officer titled “Information Technology: A Tectonic Shift.” Beginning with the end of Moore’s Law and pushing through to visions of entirely new types of computing that are being / will be required by shifts toward Big Data and advanced analytics, Dr. Meyerson engaged the audience in how business is rapidly changing IT, and IT is rapidly changing business, faster and more extensively than we have previously experienced. Continue reading Summary Thoughts on Saugatuck’s 2015 Cloud Business Summit